5 Paid Android Games Which Are Now Free

From time to time they appear offers in the store Store, beyond the weekly application, that allows to obtain developments that generally are of payment without having to pay anything by them. Let’s show you five Android games that meet this requirement that are in the official Google store for your mobile operating system.

The offers we are talking about are punctual , so it is more than advisable to hurry since it will not take long to disappear and, therefore, will have to pay again to get the games for Android that are now free. By the way, if you download each and every one of the developments, even if you remove them quickly if you later want to install them again you can do it at no cost (one more reason to get each and every one of them). Also to remind you, there are other play store alternatives like muzhiwan. Muzhiwan apk download is very simple and can be done in few minutes. Through muzhiwan, users can download many such paid games for android without any cost.

Android games now free on Play Store

First of all, it is necessary to indicate that there is no difficulty in the process of downloading of the games for Android of which we speak, since it is the habitual that is followed in the Google store and, therefore, is simplified simplicity in the process and security, since the developers are of total confidence. There are titles for all tastes, which is also positive. These are the ones that are now on sale and, therefore, come free:

Dungeon Defense

A tower defense game in which, this time, what you have to protect in a dungeon , so you’ll have to recruit both new weapons and more powerful monsters to help you. Simple to use, since it maintains the usual management, one of the Games for Android now free in the Play Store that will make you have good times.

Android Game Dungeon Defense 


Do you like speed and driving? Well this is the title that right now is more convenient if you do not want to pay a euro. You get to the controls of a ship and you have to be able to go surpassing levels at full speed without crashing you . With interesting graphics and up to 35 different tracks, it is possible to use up to ten different machine types.

Android Game AceSpeeder3

Can You Escape – Prison PRO

Among all the games for Android that right now on offer could not miss one of puzzles. We are not talking about putting pieces of cardboard that fit, but solve puzzles that appear and that, in many cases, the use of objects – and, of course, always of the ingenuity. Its dark environment gives it a special touch, and the truth is that the graphics are eye-catching.

Android Game Can You Escape - Prison PRO

Dragon slayer: io Rpg

A role-playing game with graphics reminiscent of the early Final Fantasy and in which the objective is clear: rid the world of lords of fire . You will have to go exploring the lands to find enemies and defeat them with your fighters … But, beware, that sometimes there are hordes that are very complicated to overcome. There are secondary achievements and the hours to enjoy are many.

Android Game Dragon Slayer: io Rpg

Touch Life: Farm

This is one of the games now free Android in Play Sote that is the most curious, as it allows you to put yourself in the skin of a farmer and, therefore, has to go getting raw material to turn it into food. Many available characters and varied options, make this title highly recommended. Curious to be able to record a video with the advances that you manage to share it if you want it. The graphics, very funny.

Source: topesdegama

The hybrid speaker that turns into a full-size portable? There it is!

We’ve got to try a hybrid speaker that can be used around and in the home, by connecting to a dedicated subwoofer. Let’s find them better in our review.

Aukey has therefore achieved a very interesting solution, a speaker system that works both in mobility and in home environments as a dedicated subwoofer system.

Without dwelling too much on the design, which is average with no special shakes or unpublished features (note, however, that the handle is not really stylish), let’s talk about the sound and its potential.

You could also use it to watch movies & TV series on the run. For watching movies & TV series, you could look at the 123movies download process first.

At the sound level, the quality is quite high and satisfying. Without the subwoofer clearly the basses are lost a little but in full-size version the quality improves a lot. Too bad for the highs, maybe a little too pronounced in certain musical genres. It would convert some kind of equalizer from the source device to re-balance the situation. We find two 7.5W drivers , plus a 10W subwoofer. Basically, we have 15W of power on the portable speaker, which is more than enough in mobility and then handled better when combined with the base.

The subwoofer tower also allows the portable speaker to recharge itself to be then used wirelessly around. The two built-in batteries are 2000mAh and provide approximately 9 hours of average volume usage (in total we find virtually 4000mAh). The turret is necessarily plugged into the socket while charging the portable section can be done either via micro-USB or through the dock connector on the tower itself. There are also LED indicators that provide feedback on the status of charging.

For those who do not want to use Bluetooth, however, there is a 3.5mm jack jack with audio cable included in the box so that other devices can also be connected to the system.

Here are some technical details:

  • Model SK-M39
  • Bluetooth 2.1, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Frequency from 100Hz to 18KHz

In short, after testing and testing it for days and days, we can call it a very well-made product with many excellent qualities.

Bundled with the subwoofer becomes a very satisfying audio system, which costs less than many other more expensive systems. It is convenient to separate the top from the base and to use the speaker in mobility. The buttons are intuitive and the product is easy to use. If you are interested, it’s available on Amazon for $ 79.99.

Source: teech.it

Twitch For Mobile Updated With New Interface

Twitch is a live video streaming platform, currently owned by Amazon, and is used mostly by players worldwide on PC, consoles and portable devices. Now the Twitch mobile application is updated with a new interface , to improve a service that has already become a benchmark in the industry.

Twitch recently announced that the new update will reach Android and iOS in July , including the new interface and some interesting features. However, if you do not want to wait at the end of this article you can find the download link to the APK file, although to install it you will have to enable “unknown sources” on your mobile . Meanwhile, you must checkout this killer article on how to download twitch vods easily.

Image - Twitch for mobile is updated with new interface

As you can see in the images, now Twitch for mobile will have three different pages accessible from the bottom, the first being the section “Live” where we will find all types of channels are currently broadcast. We can also check from this section if any of our friends are broadcasting.

In the “Pulse” section we will find recommendations made by Twitch among the most popular content of the platform, this being a good way to discover more streamers or just browse among fashion games. In “Browse” we will see the complete list of games, as well as the most demanded ones.

Image - Twitch for mobile is updated with new interface

Another novelty of the application of Twitch is the dark mode , which you can see active in the previous catches, and which replaces all white areas of the application by a purple color in different shades. You can activate it from the configuration options, where you will also find the possibility to hide your connection status.

With the advent of this new update will also activate the gestures on the touch screen to select new videos, revert to previous retransmissions, access to playlists, and more. However, one of the most interesting news will be the ability to make live broadcasts from our mobile phone or tablet .

In this way we will be able to issue our game games like Hearthstone live, without having to resort to third party alternatives as many users have done so far. As you see, Twitch for mobile is updated with new interface , but also with interesting features that will undoubtedly improve the user experience.

Source: elgrupoinfermatico

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